LIT KIDS - San Francisco

Dr. Mishi, founder of Hey Carter! Books and L.I.T Kids Crew, in the launch of the Family Book Club, a collaborative initiative with the San Francisco Human Rights Commission and other community partners. This initiative aims to promote educational attainment, wellness, and equity for Bay Area youth.

In this video, meet key contributors like Dr. Thomishia Booker, who introduced the "L.I.T. Kids" program to foster literacy and socio-emotional health among children. Also, hear from the Radical Street Librarian, a Baltimore-based activist promoting literacy in her community.

What is LIT kids? 

LIT kids (Living in my Truth) created by Dr. Thomishia Booker is an empowerment informed experience where youth are exposed to Black and African History, creative writing, art, music, poetry, and the exploration of their own voice.